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Hello & Welcome, My name is Max Woody and I'm located in the Durham/Hillsborough area. I've been driving tractors since a teenager, for a little over 30 years now. It's something I enjoy. Over the last few years I've turned this passion into a service I offer folks in the Triangle area. I must warn you however, I'm a perfectionist and will only do a job the way it should be done and will make sure you are completely happy with the results.


The Services Listed Below are The Most Popular, I Can Also Customize Each Job to Fit Your Needs!

"Grading & Scraping Work of all types, including the most popular, "Driveways".

kubotaboxDriveway Grading & Scraping can be done several ways to fit your needs. Most driveways have plenty of gravel and need no more. By using my equipment I can dig up existing gravel (that's been packed down for years) and spread it evenly across the driveway once again. I also have the equipment to grade the sides of driveways allowing proper drainage and a much better appearance. I also offer many other types of Grading Work as well.


"Post Hole Digging Service"

Post Hole Digging is another popular job many people require. I can dig as many holes as needed and provide discounts for 50 or more holes. The standard size most people need range in diameter from 6" to 9" size holes, but this can be customized to fit your needs. Post holes are normally drilled about 24" to 30".


"Grass Aeration Service"johndeereaeration

Get your grass and the entire yard looking beautiful once again by aeration. This service is very much in demand, especially during the spring and fall. I use the best plugging machine equipment. It gets deep and pulls out good plugs and will loosen up the soil, allowing your new grass to take hold and grow.  This equipment works great for both yards and farms with pastures and fields.

"Large or Small Areas Raked"

johndeererakeNeed a Real Rake? I have a "Big Rake" for the big jobs. I use a 6 foot rake that attaches to my Tractor. It will smooth out and rake up trash, sticks and most loose debri from your yard or field, making the ground nice, smooth and level. Call today for a Free Quote.


"Water Drainage Service"

Do you have property with water Drainage issues? I have the solution. I can offer many effective ways to allow water to drain naturally from troubled areas. I have the equipment to cut in both small or large drainage areas and can also install drain pipes. Most of the water drainage problems can be resolved with simple, but yet effective methods that work very well, saving you both time and money.


"Grass Seeding, Fertilizer or Lime Spreading"

I can handle large or small areas when it comes to Grass Seeding, Fertilizing or lime spreading, no matter if its 1 acre or 10. I have the spreader attachment that allows me to take care of all your spreading needs. Call today for a Free Quote.


"Spreading of Gravel, Dirt, Mulch & Topsoil"

Get all your spreading jobs done and save your back from unwanted pain. My tractor has a large front loader attachment that can handle all of your spreading needs. I can spread large or small amounts of gravel, mulch and dirt, or move it to any location on your property.


kubotafront"Light Land Clearing"

Need some of your property cleared and leveled out. I can provide light clearing work like removing smaller trees and brush. This brush can be pushed over or moved to another location on your property to be burned or buried. I also have the equipment to smooth out and level your ground.


johndeerebrush"Brush Mowing Service"

Get those over grown weeds and small brush on your property taken care of today. I have the large Brush Mower that will handle any size job needed. It allows me to cut down the overgrown trees and brush that have been growing on your property for years. It's amazing how a good cutting can make your property shine.


"Tractor Tilling Work"

kubotatillerNeed your Garden, Field, or Yard Tilled? I can handle job too. If you have a garden area your planning to grow plants or vegetables, or getting a yard ready to seed. No matter how large or small of an area you need tilled, I have the equipment to handle the job. My tractor tiller attachment is Six Foot and it will get down to business and get the job done. It also smooth out the dirt making it nice and smooth and ready to grow grass or a garden.


"Need Your Parking Lot or Driveway Cleared of Snow?"

Get all of your snow removal jobs handled, no matter how small or large. I have the blades, both front and back to remove any and all snow or ice. Get a small driveway, or a large parking lot scraped and cleared. I also provide a salt mixture to melt away and stop any re-freeze of ice.

Call 919-698-8236 today to Get Your Questions Answered, or To Get a Free Quote on The Job You Need Handled! I can also be reached by e-mail: maxtractorwork@gmail.com